Computation of Signals at synapses

Our group try to decipher real time molecular mechanisms that contribute to fidelity of signal processing at synapse. We combine nanobiology with imaging of stochastic processes at synapses at single molecule resolution using both conventional and neuromorphic detectors at nanoscale. Our goal is to generate realistic realtime nanoscale model to understand signal transmission at synapse.

Faculty: Deepak Nair


  • Kedia, S., Ramakrishna, P., Netrakanti, P.R., Singh, N., Sisodia, S.S., Jose, M., Sathish Kumar, Mahadevan, A., Ramanan, N., Nadkarni, S., and Nair, D. (2021). Alteration in synaptic nanoscale organization dictates amyloidogenic processing in Alzheimer’s disease, iScience, 24(3) 101924
  • Venkatesan, S., Subramaniam, S., Rajeev, P., Chopra, Y., Jose, M., and Nair, D. (2020). Differential scaling of synaptic molecules within functional zones of an excitatory synapse during homeostatic plasticity. eNeuro 7 (2)
  • Venkatachalapathy, M., Belapurkar, V., Jose, M., Gautier, A., and Nair, D. (2019). Live cell super resolution imaging by radial fluctuations using fluorogen binding tags. Nanoscale 11, 3626-3632.

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