Correlating the non-linear time series and spectral properties of IGR J17091-3624: is it similar to GRS 1915+105?

Using the correlation integral method, we explore the non-linear properties of black hole sources IGR J17091-3624 by comparing the underlying behaviour to GRS 1915+105. We find that while GRS 1915+105 is known to reveal a combination of fractal (or even chaotic) and stochastic behaviours, IGR J17091-3624 mostly shows stochastic behaviour. Therefore, although several observations find that IGR J17091-3624 is similar to GRS 1915+105, and that they have temporal classes in common, the underlying non-linear time series analyses offer a different view. Nevertheless, the ratio of the Poisson noise to rms variation for IGR J17091-3624 turns out to be high, suggesting that it is dominated by Poisson noise. However, by increasing the time bin, some of the temporal classes of IGR J17091-3624 show deviation from stochasticity, indicating the plausibility of a higher fractal dimension.

Faculty: Banibrata Mukhopadhyay


MNRAS 492, 4033–4042 (2020); MNRAS 476, 1581-1595 (2018)

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